Bore Holes

Heat Pump Boreholes

Heatology Bore Hole Heat Pump

Boreholes for heat pumps will provide consistent and sufficient energy from the ground to allow the  heat pump to operate effectively. Heatology will ensure that the borehole is installed according to the manufacturers.

The depth hole will be depend largely on a few variables including the heat load of the property and the geology of the ground, both of which will have been determined by Heatology during the site survey. 


Heatology will operate rigs of varying sizes and can accommodate the drilling of boreholes for heat pumps from the smallest gardens right up to the biggest building sites. We can expect to drill between 50 to 60 metres depth of hole per day.

Heat-pump manufacturers  will calculate the depth and size of each hole using software that takes into consideration the size of the heat pump, the geology of the ground and the heat losses and demands of the house or building. Boreholes will generally be between 60 and 120 metres in depth and may arrays can be anything between 1 and 12 boreholes depending on the size of the project. An average borehole is roughly 120 - 150mm in diameter.

What next?

Once the drilling of boreholes for heat Pumps is completed to the required depth, the loop is inserted down into the hole. This loop consists plastic pipes that are joined together at the by a 'U' bend. Once the loop has been lowered into the hole it must be filled with water and tested for pressure.

Refilling the boreholes

Once the borehole loop has passed the pressure test, it is backfilled. It is important that the backfill material is the correct type and that it fills the hole entirely and so our experienced engineers will pump in a natural soft clay compound which is mixed with water into the bottom of the hole which then solidifies over a period of time. All that remains will be the tops of the pipe protruding approximately 500mm from the surface. This then leaves the boreholes for heat pumps ready for connection to the manifold. 

Heatology will provide a fully project managed service to meet all your project expectations and will ensure the work is professionally overseen and completed to our high standards.