Bosch Gas Boilers by Heatology:


For the 6th year running the Bosch Greenstar gas boilers have been awarded Which? Best Buys and Bosch users have voted themselves as the Most Satisfied Customers in the Which? Boiler Survey.

Your heating and hot water is in safe hands

Making the decision on what type of product will most effectively suit your property and your business can be confusing. Heatology have had many years to put theory into practise and we are able to plan out the best possible solution for your heating and budgetery needs.

A new heating system will always vastly improve in efficiency as technology continue to develop, but it is also a sizeable investment, and so it’s important to choose very wisely and get it right the first time around. Much like buying any other large appliance, it makes sense to look beyond the purchase price, and to consider the overall lifetime costs of the boiler and associated running costs.

At Heatology we have been installing products to the highest standards of quality and reliability for over 10 years as an MCS accredited company. Bosche's  Greenstar gas and oil boilers and Greenstore hot water cylinders and their renewable technology options, you can be sure to receive both high performance as well as choice. And where an additional efficiency boost is needed, Heatology can offer a wide range of controlling options, from the simplest of mechanical timers up to the latest internet connected smart controller called the Wave.

Worcester's boilers come in gas, propane (LPG), and oil fuel types.

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