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Heatology Service Contracts

Rinnai is a market leading supplier to the UK for commercial hot water for a good reason: Their equipment is reliable and extremely well engineered. However, servicing must be conducted by an engineer who is Rinnai trained otherwise you could be doing more damage than good. Remember - Installations and maintainence are two different jobs.

Service Agreement Basics

The service agreement will run for a period of 12 months from the date of signature of the agreement by both parties, or the date mutually agreed by both patries. Heatology standard trems and condition apply.

Planned Service Visits

On commencement of the servcie agreement, the date for the first intital visit will me mutually agreed and a full service will be scheduled for all units covered under the agreement.

Breakdown / Call Out Visits

If any equipment covered under the agreement requires a call out repair within 8 weeks of the next planned service visit, the service will be brough forward and will be carried out at the same time.

 It is very rare for our customers to experience problems with their installations. However, we do understand that everyone appreciates peace-of-mind and no one wants to be without hot water or heating through unexpected circumstances.

The annual health check included within in our service contracts, will enable us to ensure your boiler continues to run at its maximum efficiency when you need it the most. Many manufacturers require for to organise regular maintenance and servicing to maintain the warranty. No servicing, no warranty and the costs can really add up.

So please take careful consideration to our after-care packages and help protect your investment.

These pictures are from a four year old commercial Rinnai that was 'serviced' by an engineer who was not Rinnai trained. Heatology were able to strip down the units, replace and repair. The Hotel and Golf Club now has an anual service agreement with a Heatology Rinnai trained engineer.  Repairs cost well over £1000

Burner has deposits

Burner Has Deposits

Inlet Water Filter  Blocked

Inlet Water Filter Blocked


Sulphur from burnt gases causing hot spots

Sulphur Burnt Gases Causing Hot Spots

How Water Heat Exchanger Burnt Out Causing Over £1000 + Repairs


Our Heatology engineers will need to carry out a full inspection if you require cover retrospectively or, for a third party installation. Call 01392 464430.