Energy and Cost Efficient Hybrid System From Daikin

The most advanced hybrid heat pump


Perfect for normal family homes on Gas and it's MCS approved for a generous payback incentive - it really is a no-brainer!!

This dynamic system is perfect for those wishing to save money with minimal disruption during the installation by taking advantage of both a highly efficient condensing boiler and air source heat pump technology. Retro fitting alongside your radiators and a simple replacment of your existing gas boiler, this system is perfect for the average family home. So now anyone can be enviromentally friendly, take advantage of the Governments RHI whilst taking advantage the instant heat of a modern condesing gas boiler when the temperature really drops outside.

Condensing Boiler Technology:

Simply put, condesning boiler technology coverts fuel into usable heat with minimal loss. This is good for your bank balance and the enviroment as lower energy consumption means lower costs and a reduction in Co2 emmissions. Flue gases are cooled to the extent that the steam it contains is condensed and the energy released by this process is used for heating.

Air-to-water Heat Pump:

The Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump is a sustainable energy source as it extracts heat from the air. A closed loop containing refridgerant creates a thermodynamic cycle through evaporation, condensation, compression and expansion. This will pump the heat from a lower to a higher temperature level and then transfered to your central heating distribution system.

See an animation of the system working here

(indoor unit)

Heatology Daikin Hybrid


The New Daikin Altherma hybrid heatpump is controlled by smart hybrid logic. It automatically chooses the most cost-effective heating mode at any one time of day, all year around.

It also takes into account the external temperatures and internal heat and your hot water demand, as well as the relative cost of gas and electricity.

Users can input their latest energy tariffs so that the smart hybrid logic control can identify and select the most economical operating mode. It will maximise the use of the heat pump as long as it is more cost-efficient than the gas boiler.

Replacing your gas and lpg boiler

The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is perfect for replacing on-gas and LPG boilers as there's no need to alter existing radiators and pipework.

The Hybrid Altherma is suited to properties with heat loads from 12kW-20kW, but will also cover heat loads up to 27kW.

Cost efficient operating

At any one time, the Hybrid Altherma selects one of four available operating modes to ensure the most cost effective and economical performance:

  • Heat pump only: perfect in mild temperatures.The heat pump capacity and efficiency is high enough to satisfy the total demand
  • First hybrid mode: operational when outdoor temperature drops. Heat pump efficiency falls but continues to operate. However, the boiler will now provide additional heat
  • Second hybrid mode: comes into action when the outdoor temperature drops yet further and the heat pump efficiency is reduced. The unique flow-control automatically regulates the variable speed pump, thus slowing the flow rate. This raises the heat pump efficiency for as long as possible before switching totally into the boiler mode.
  • Boiler: When the temperature is very low outside, the system temperature requirement is highest. During these conditions, the pump is less economical, so only the boiler will function.


(outdoor unit)

Dainkin Hybrid Unit

  • High efficiency boiler
  • Hybrid primary energy efficiency PE-sCOP 120%
  • SEDBUK rating 89.1% (NG) and 90.1% (LPG)
  • Delivers flow temperatures up to 80oC
  • Up to 15% higher efficiency for domestic hot water compared to average condensing combi boilers.
  • High seasonal efficiency heat pump
  • Two options available: 5kW and 8kW options
  • High efficiency with COP up to 5.04 (5kW and 4.45 (8kW) (EN 14511 Air 7°C, Water 35°C)
  • New inverter control
  • High modulation range 1.8-5kW (5kW) 1.8-10kW (8kW)

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