Ground Source Heat Pump

Warmflow Ground Source Heat Pump

From the outset of designing this heat pump it was conceived to be one of the most efficient appliances in its class. Independently run tests have shown its efficiency to be 508% @ B0W35. This means that for every 1kW of electricity consumed, an amazing 5.08kW of heat is produced. Under the new energy efficiency labelling the Warmflow Ground source heat pump has a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCoP) of A+++

Warm Flow Ground Source Heat Pump

Why Warmflow?

What sets our heat pumps aside from the others is that it makes use of the latest variable speed compressor technology to produce heat at the rate you require it. This gives the heat pump a much wider output range and it adjusts and modulates within this range depending on your energy demands. To maximise the efficiency of the appliance it is equipped with modern EC motor variable speed circulating pumps, which matches it’s speed to the hydraulic resistance and the heat demand of the system and extraction rate of the external ground loop.

For ease of installation all pumps and sealed heating system components including a 12l* expansion vessel are conveniently housed within the heat-pump casing itself. This considerably speeds up the installation time and minimises wiring and plumbing needed on site. The unit also monitors flow temperature, flow rates and system temperatures for simple commissioning.

A dedicated wiring centre also greatly simplifies connection to external wiring and sensors making this heat pump easier to install with minimum disruption for you the customer.

Warmflow Facts:

Warm Flow Heat Pump


1. Variable speed inverter driven compressor Low noise, high efficiency scroll compressor; the heat of the system.


2.  User friendly interface Covering all aspects of heat pump and system control; the brain of the system.

3. Variable speed, high efficiency pumps Full integrated, variable speed high efficiency pumps for bine and heating circuits, modulate flow to match heating demand and overcome hydraulic resistance whilst maintaining peak efficiency.

4. Electronic controlled expansion valves Optimising system efficiency by allowing the heat pump to run at a range of flow temperatures and capacities.

5. Plate heat exchangers with large surface area Maximising the heat from the ground and the heat supplied to the property.

6. Complete sealed system kit 12l expansion vessel, filling loop and 3 bar safety valve for the heating circuit.*

7. Designed to run from standard single-phase domestic electricity supply.

8. Flow temperature up to 65° means domestic how water (DHW) can be produced without the need for additional heat sources

9. Filters & flexi hoses as standard.