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Kensa Ground Source Heat Pumps

Kensa Heat Pumps manufactures the UK’s widest selection of ground source heat pumps, and is the confirmed number one manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

As an MCS accredited manufacturer, Kensa works as a partner with Heatology, to deliver exceptionally well-designed systems.

Combining Kensas engineering ingenuity and fifteen years of ground source expertise, every heat pump in this range has been designed and tested to exacting standards to enable optimum efficiency and ease of use. Suitable for use with all heating specifications throughout domestic and commercial retrofit and new build applications, Kensa’s ground source heat pumps significantly reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, whilst generating a generous income through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Kensa Shoebox Range

Introducing a new small category of ground source heat pumps, the Kensa Shoebox Range, which features the quietest, smallest and most innovative ground source heat pump on the market today.

Available in both 3kW single compressor and 6kW twin compressor models, the award-winning Kensa Shoebox Range is an efficient, easy to use, affordable heating solution designed to provide both heating and hot water in new build and retrofit multi-dwellings.

The largest selection of ground source heat pumps

Kensa Heat Pumps manufactures a wide range of ground source heat pump products in the United Kingdom,  engineered for British properties.

  • Shoebox Range: 3kW – 6kW
  • Single Compact Range: 4.3kW – 12kW
  • Twin Compact Range: 12kW – 30kW
  • Plant Room Range: 25kW – 75kW


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