Servicing and Maintenance Contracts

Heatology Servicing

Domestic and Commercial Maintenance

All appliances must have an annual service; this is written in all installation and use of Gas appliances Manufacturers Instructions. Failure to do so would also invalidate building insurance and manufacturer’s warranty.

Your system heater is a highly specialised piece of precision engineered equipment built for high-demand reliability and performance. Your specialist technician is therefore required to have been trained by the manufacturer to a minimum standard before any attempts are made to repair or maintain. If you rely on hot water for your business or home, we will ensure your gas engineer knows how to service the equipment properly.

Our technicians are fully trained and have specialised on your particular type of appliance for peace of mind. Not only will this increase life expectancy for the equipment, but it will also ensure smooth economical running during the times you need it the most. For your commercial installation the technicians has to hold the appropriate Gas Safe licence in accordance to the particular gas that fuels your appliance – Natural Gas – LPG.

Parts: For equipment we install, we also will ensure that we hold in stock normal serviceable items. If you do have a heater failure, we are likely have the particular part in our van stock. If not, we have arrangements in place with the manufacturers to dispatch parts overnight.

A Maintenance Agreement will ensure that your business will have fast-track priority over those businesses that do not have an agreement in place.

Please note that many commercial sites have multiple-installations and may not require immediate urgency if one module fails; however we will do our upmost to attend within 48hours to those customers with an active service agreement.


We do not operate a 24hour call out service.

Maintenance contracts allow for us, on your behalf, to plan ahead with right amount of staff, vehicles, assets, scheduling, training and stocks.

The engineers who fitted the system are not always the best people to service and maintain equipment (especially on Rinnai and Bosch water Heaters) unless they have been specifically trained, however if you wish to open a new service agreement with Heatology on a system not fitted by our installers, we will need to conduct an initial survey before completeing the paper work.

It is very rare for our customers to experience problems with their installations. However, we do understand that everyone appreciates peace-of-mind and no one wants to be without hot water or heating through unexpected circumstances.

However, when systems do fail you need to know that you have an engineer at your service - and as soon as possible. Call us and we'll be there ASAP!

Ofgem also point out that if the worst happens and your system stops you need to notify them and your RHI payments will cease until it starts again.  So please take carefull consideration to our aftercare packages and help protect your investment.


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