Solar Kits

Solar Collectors:

MC Evacuated Tube Collectors

Benefits Include:

  • High performance solar collectors
  • Available in 15, 20 and 30 tube versions
  • Can be free-standing or mounted on a pitched roof
  • Solar Keymarked with EN12975-2 certification
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Radial absorbers enables enhanced morning / afternoon output
  • 76.9% efficiency rating



Aesthetic Design // Quality // The Latest Technology

Laser-welded and a meander style, drain back compatible flat plate collection unit featuring tempered low iron safety glass. Ideal for swimming pools and larger scaled commercial applications due to its resiliance and quick installation, as well as average sized residential applications.



                            Benfits Include:

  • High efficiency rating of 80.2%                                         
  • Large (2.34m2) aperature
  • Drainback compatible design
  • Light-weight (36 kg)
  • Leak-free, 'Click Fit' connectors
  • Various mounting options
  • Sleek black appearance
  • MCS approved


Kingspan Flat Plate Collectors

FPW Series

Designed specifically for the UK climate, these sleek modern panels have everything you need from a flat plate solar thermal system. They are one of the most sought after solar collectors on the market as they provide a cost-effective solution for both commercial and domestic properties whilst delivering excellent levels of efficiency and performance.


                                                                      Benefits Include

  • High energy and efficiency performance
  • Easy installation with various package solutions – (in-roof’- ’on- roof’ - A-frame)
  • Weather-proof surround seal
  • Aesthetically pleasing (comparable to a roof light or velux window)
  • Insulation to reduce any heat loss
  • 4mm thickness, low-iron tempered prismatic glass
  • Subtle installations, ‘in-roof’ cassettes
  • Lightweight andeasy to handle
  • 95% absorption rate
  • MCS Approved