Solar Thermal Has Its Advantages..

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal

The thermal array you see above is heating the water before it passes through four highly efficient gas water heaters (see 4 flues top middle-right behind the roof). The boilers act as a back up or support during high demand for this Tourism Park.

Solar thermal technology has been used in the UK for over 20 years, and the market was developed and refined in mainland European countries such as Germany and Austria. In its most simplest form solar thermal uses the energy contained in the solar radiation that we receive from the sun and turns it into heat that we then use for hot water. 

Developments in the solar thermal collector design means that we have seen huge improvements in the efficiency, coupled with increased demand and supply has meant that prices have fallen over the last few years. The UK the Government has identified solar thermal as one of the technologies that it would like to promote in helping us cut our carbon emissions to help realise the self-imposed targets that have been set by us as a nation.

The benefits to both domestic and commercial users:

  • Uses clean free energy
  • Reduces your fossil fuel consumption and therfore CO2 emissions
  • Save money on fuel costs*
  • Enhance the life of your boiler (less work)  
  • Very low maintenance
  • Retrofit with existing heating or other renewables
  • Solar Thermal is backed by Government incentives for further savings
  • Low cost and simple way for you or your company to contribute towards tackling climate change


*The amount of money and CO2 that you save will be dependent upon your average consumption with regards to the fossil fuel type that you are replacing, and the energy efficiencies of both your building and boiler.


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