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Mr G. Hope - Air Source Heat Pump:

"I was pretty informed about air source heat pumps as I had two installed previously on other residential properties but I must compliment Heatology on their pricing, knowledge and service level. Far superior in every way to my previous experiences in the Cotswolds and London. They calculated and advised on how to maximise RHI and took care of all the technical stuff for me. Thanks guys...any chance you can open up in London?"


Kenn Cricket Club - Kenn Off Grid Solar System with Battery Back-up:

Prevousily powered by a petrol generator and quoted a substantial amount for main line electricity, Heatology designed and implimented an off grid solution, involving a battery back up system with solar PV panels to provide power to their club house.


Miss Tuffin - Cullompton ESP Air Source Heat Pump:

"We were very happy with our Air Source Heat Pump installation. The whole process was very pleasant and the consultative approach was helpful and appreciated. A fantastic service..."


Mr Tony Poste - Exeter Solar PV System:

"Heatology installed our solar electricity and the service we received was outstanding from coming to explain what we could achieve to the installation. The aftercare has been excellent."