Water softeners

Moderatrely Soft and Hard Water Areas in Devon and Cornwall

Hard Water Map


Water hardness depends on the amount of naturally occurring minerals that are dissolved in water.

Most of the water in our region is sourced from Moorland rivers and reservoirs and is classed as soft or moderately soft. However, if you live in East Devon, your water comes from boreholes drilled deep underground, and this water is classed as slightly or moderately hard.

If you live in a hard water area you may benefit from having a water softener installed. Why?

  • Lime scale build up in your kettles (try not to re-boil the same water to reduce limescale)
  • Boilers may have to be set to lower temperatures (below 60 degrees) to avoid costly lime scale build up
  • Irons temperatures will also need to be reduced to avoid limescale
  • Washing machines will need more powder and conditioner and limescale will build up over time
  • You require more soap to wash-up and it takes longer to build up a lather
  • Dishwashers use higher setting for softening as recommended by the manufacturers. Additional salt tablets may have to be used
  • Bath ware and fittings will accumulate limescale and require constant cleaning.

Hard water can produce limescale right in the heart of your hot water system or central heating systems. It can block pipework, reduce boiler efficiency and generally make your appliances more expensive to run. It can also leave streaks of lime scale on your washing up, takes bubbles out of your bathwater and can leave your clothes feeling stiff and rough after washing.

Your Questions Answered:

Q. Can you drink hard water?

A. Yes, but we do recommend that one tap is left un-treated

Q. Will it effect my boiler?

A. We will always fit a 'by-pass' set when installing a water softener. This means your central heating system can be topped up with hard water if needs be.

Q. Do you install different sized water softeners?

A. Yes, we have a product for every sized home

Q. Will it actually de-scale my existing appliances?

A. Yes, as softened water will dissolve the limescale left by hard water

Harveys Water Softeners

A water softener will sit comfortably under the sink, in the garage and even in the cellar or loft space - wherever it suits you the best.

It need minimal maintenance, can easily last twenty years or more and will pay for itself within as little as two years saving you costs with lower fuel bills, detergents and soaps and not to mention extending the life of your appliances!


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